DeNita Turner: Creating the Best Image of You

DeNita Turner is the founding president and CEO of Image Builders, Inc. She is also a life coach, motivational speaker, and author. In a world where one’s image is important in building a successful personal brand, DeNita Turner helps people to authentically broadcast their image to the public. “You sell yourself with your image—use it,” she says. After working in international sales for corporate America and collegiate and professional sports, DeNita ventured out on her own and created Image Builders.
In recent years, Image Builders has expanded from positive image building to working with individuals on their personal and professional development. She calls this “The Other Game,” which gives a nod to her previous work in sports. She has found much success in helping executives and rising leaders around the country to become the best leaders they can be. Now she is looking to expand her audience to the general public.
Her latest creation is a non-traditional book club that was created to “inspire and calm” us during times of uncertainty.  The club hosts speakers that focus on one WORD as inspiration to share insights with the group. Last year, DeNita also released Pass The Word with Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. to help people with their spiritual journey. Through the power of words, DeNita and Pastor Jenkins believe people can channel their greatness from within. “The book was used as a launching pad to create a non-threatening environment for conversations designed to help people manage the complexities of their day,” she explains.
DeNita plans to enhance her WORD platform by interviewing individuals who are willing to be transparent in discussing their achievements, disappointments, and their journey to spiritual enlightenment. “Each session will offer a conversation with a variety of guest speakers who share their story around one word that had a major impact on enriching their life and hopefully will inspire other individuals.” DeNita’s work is vital in changing the way we talk about achievement and success.
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Photos by Sarah & Dave Photography