Trusted By…

“DeNita has been an important part of my team’s success for over a decade. She has helped our players develop the tools and abilities they need to realize their potential, both on the court and in life.”

Danny R. Ainge, Retired NBA Player, General Manager and President of Basketball Operations for the Boston Celtics 

“Coaching a winning NBA team was impossible without the outstanding, professional, and personal development provided to the players by DeNita Turner.”

Butch E. Carter,  Retired NBA Head Coach and Retired NBA Player

“As an NBA Coach, I have witnessed DeNita’s professionalism, dedication and commitment with Players. Her service is 2nd to none!”

Maurice E. Cheeks,  Former NBA Head Coach and NBA Hall of Fame Inducted Player

“DeNita Turner has an unyielding work ethic, is a solution-oriented problem solver and has a tremendous ability to build rapport with her clients. However, her most impressive attribute is her emotional intelligence. DeNita’s skill at reading various situations and providing sound counsel will prove invaluable to any organization.”

Craig M. Robinson, Executive Director of the National Association of Basketball Coaches, Basketball Executive and Broadcaster


“I have observed DeNita Turner’s profound positive impact on athletes’ lives for the past couple decades. Her calm and common sense approach along with a personal commitment to their lives and helping them strengthen personal relationships has been extraordinary.”

Stuart “Stu” Jackson, Executive Associate Commissioner, Men’s Basketball BIG EAST Conference (Former NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations)


“DeNita Turner is one of the most beloved people I know. She is a true professional, great at problem solving and one of the most trustworthy people on the planet. If you are having any issues, I suggest that you give DeNita a call.”

Byron A. Scott, Retired NBA Head Coach, Retired Player and 3 x NBA Champion


Meet DeNita Turner…

Ms. DeNita Turner, President and CEO, founded Image Builders, Inc. with the idea of offering specialized personal enhancement programs that help clients establish a more effective and positive image. “You sell yourself with your image—use it,” Ms. Turner is fond of saying. Image Builders delivers the “right prescription” to increase the resilience needed to compete in today’s ever-changing environment.

Discover Image Builders’ Services…

No matter the challenge, Image Builders works with each client to develop the right solution to address the need. We unpack your potential that allows you to create choices on how you feel and think about your Brand.

DeNita’s Non-Traditional Book Club…

DeNita’s interview with SoulVision about her non-traditional book club that was created to “inspire and calm” us during times of uncertainty. The club has hosted special guest speakers including:
– David Aldridge, Writer, Reporter The Athletic, NBA, MLB, and ESPN
– Caron Butler, NBA Coach and Retired NBA Player
– Armond Hill, Retired NBA Coach and Retired NBA Player
– Al Jefferson, Retired NBA Player
– John K. Jenkins Sr., Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Glenarden
– Byron Scott, Retired NBA Coach and Retired NBA Player
– Marc J. Spears, Sr., NBA writer, ESPN’s The Undefeated, Author and Host of Beyond28 Podcast.
– Bill Strickland, Sports Agent, Attorney and Educator
– Mark West, Retired NBA Player, NBA Executive 

Pass The Word…

There is something special about words. They can heal, build, break barriers or even break hearts. When crafted beautifully and chosen wisely, words can encourage as well as awaken the greatness within. Given the power they inherently possess, words have the propensity to do a lot of good in this world. On the other hand, when charged by misguided thinking or negative emotions, words can do a lot of damage, very quickly and very painfully.
No one knows this better than DeNita Turner and Pastor John Jenkins Sr.. In their respective fields as a consultant and pastor, both have witnessed far too many people misuse the one power we all have — and that’s the power of our words. This is why they wrote this book on 12 words that give pause to the way we do life. At first glance, these 12 words seem common, but Turner and Jenkins’ formidable, powerful treatment of each is anything but drab. Their fresh perspective will transform the way you think about each of these words for the rest of your life.

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