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There is something special about words. They can heal, build, break barriers or even break hearts. When crafted beautifully and used wisely, words can awaken as well as encourage the greatness within. Given the power words inherently possess, words have the propensity to do good in this world. On the other hand, when charged by misguided thinking or negative emotions, words can do a lot of damage, very quickly, very painfully. No one knows this better than DeNita Turner and Pastor John Jenkins. In their respective fields as a consultant and a pastor, both have witnessed far too many people misuse the one power we all have and that s the power of our words. Which is why they wrote this book on 12 words that give pause to the way we do life. At first glance, these 12 words seem commonplace, but Turner and Jenkins formidable, powerful treatment of each, is anything but drab. Their fresh perspective will change the way you think about these words for the rest of your life.


Image Builders works with every client to develop a unique workshop. With topics ranging from TRANSITIONS to create a plan for resilience when making the most of transitions in your life, to CUSTOMER SERVICE and TEAM BUILDING.


Rediscover techniques that help you reconnect


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Develop and understand the distinction between team and a group


Create a plan for resilience when making the most of transitions in your life

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